Friday, March 21, 2014

Surrey Team at Work

This is a hard working team.  Today, they have been painting red on the house and trim on the Technical school, welding the frames for the new signs, cutting off the rebar on the roof of the house, tiling the dining room in the Technical school and preparing the new decorative artwork for the newly painted elementary school. Yesterday, we did a 'fun' job -- picking rocks at the ocean front property to make it nicer for swimming there.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Welcome Surrey Alliance Team

We eagerly awaited the arrival of the team from Surrey Alliance Church from Surrey, BC.  They are a team of sixteen with half of them being teens.  This is a fun and energetic bunch!  Their plans are to paint our residence building, do some welding so the new signs can be put up, build some bulletin boards and shelving, do some tiling and prepare to go to Tapion Children's church on Sunday to share with the children there.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Sights of Port au Prince

We had the opportunity to see some of Port au Prince that we had never seen.  We visited the Iron Market which actually a market structure made from iron.  It was constructed in 1891 in France and was intended to go to Cairo to be a train station.  It never made it there, but was rerouted to Haiti.  It was mangled in the earthquake in 2010 and has been restored. It is an amazing piece of culture.

We then headed up the mountainside to get the scenic look of the city - spectacular!

Sunday, March 16, 2014


While The Father's House Team and the Medical Team were here, they accomplished many tasks.  The Elementary School was painted, an incinerator was built, and new signs were made.

One of many new signs for Haiti ARISE

Wade standing beside the incinerator to show its size

Rick and Martin - making the incinerator

Monday, March 3, 2014

Today in Pictures

Our bean crop

Dr. Dennis (Dentist)

Painting the Elementary School

Cooking and Cleaning for 50!
Martin starting an incinerator

Big power upgrade

Busy in the Pharmacy

Propane for the commercial kitchen
in the Technical School

Tech School shop construction

Marching through March!

March has started and so has the next influx of teams.  We welcomed the Saskatchewan Medical Team and The Father's House Team, who is from California on Saturday.  There is no school this week, so the Father's House team is painting the Elementary School. The medical team is busy at the clinic.

The Father's House from California - they said it is cold
there -- +60F

Sask, Medical Team - they are glad to be leaving the cold
there -- -60C