Monday, January 26, 2015

Having Fun!

One of the midterm couples here is Paul & Diane.  Paul is constantly joking about how he would like a donkey to ride around on and go up into the mountains and evangelizing.  So Marc asked around until he found someone with a donkey to bring him over so Paul could ride around on him.  As you can see, he wasn't the only one 'catching a ride'!



Paul's dream come true!

Having a drink

Hand Hygiene Teaching

Scott & Carling are here for nine weeks to do teaching here at Haiti ARISE and around the community.  So far they have taught in the Elementary school, Technical school, Clinic and will go to some of the schools in Grand Goave in the weeks to come.
They start with one dot of  their hands and then start touching things and shaking hands with people to illustrate how germs and bacteria are spread.  Then with soap and water, it is all washed off.

Scott & Carling teaching at the clinic with Ronald translating

Prayer Times

Prayer is a very important part of this ministry and for all of life.  We have morning prayer each day with whoever is here - teams or just us midtermers and our residence staff.  We prayer for each other and for the day.
When the last teams were here, we walked over to the Children's Village and anointed the gate with oil and prayed and then wondered all over the property bathing it in prayer.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Giving Bibles

Following the sermon this morning at church, Pastor Marc asked for everyone who didn't have a Bible to raise their hand -- after the service, they all received a Gideon Creole Bible.  Haiti ARISE is a Gideon distribution center.  Since last spring, we have given out 2500 Bibles.


We had a great church service with team testimonies, special music and the girls choir.  The church was quite full and there were many people there for the first time.


After five days of work and ministry, it was time for the teams to head to the beach and have some fun, relaxation and lobster. There were 30 or so of us there...

Pastor's Conference

Haiti ARISE hosted the 10th Annual Pastor's Conference January 5 - 7, 2015.  There were approximately 250-300 church leaders from the area that attended.  The speakers were from the US and Weyburn, SK!

A group of ladies from the church and many other volunteers cooked three meals each day for this crowd.  They worked many long hours.

Monday, January 12, 2015

First Teams of 2015

We welcome the first teams of 2015 today and are thankful for their safe arrival.....

Fathers House from California

Impact Kingston from Kingston, Ontario

Rhonda & Jared from Red Deer, Alberta

Anniversary of the Earthquake

Today is the fifth anniversary of the earthquake.  The government did not declare it a national holiday, however, the schools and many of the businesses decided on their own to close so that the day can be remembered.  It was a day that certainly has marked Haiti's history.  Approximately, 300,00 people lost their lives that day and in the days to follow.
It did put Haiti front and center in the world and the world did band together to help.  Much of the devastated areas are rebuilt and clean up is done, but the country is still in a state of chaos.  Dedicating itself to voodoo for two hundred years has ripped the heart of this country.  We say this with sadness as we see the beauty that there is here - especially in the people.  Haitians are generally are a very friendly, gentle people with big hearts.  They know the value of relationships and are generous beyond what we would think to be reasonable.
Haiti needs Jesus! The Christian church is growing and that has happened since the earthquake.  It took such a massive catastrophe for people to turn to Jesus Christ.
The world has largely forgotten about Haiti now, as five years has gone by.....we are finding more and more people in Canada saying they have never heard of Haiti.
It is a country with deep governmental problems and poverty, but there is hope for them in Jesus.
Please keep praying the Haiti and its salvation.

Friday, January 2, 2015

A New Year

Today is the start of 2015 and our second day back here in Haiti for another five months.  We started the new year with a 3 1/2 hour worship service last night - what an amazing way to begin.

Our mid term Haiti ARISE family is growing...there were five of us in the added to the five is the Collins family which is five more, Scott & Carling and six more of the Honorats.  The house is a buzz with kids and fun and lots of stimulating conversation!

Coming up is the Pastors' Conference next Monday to Wednesday.  This is for Haitian pastors from the area and Port au Prince with American speakers.  Wade will be speaking for the opening session on Monday morning.

Our first set of teams arrive on Monday the 12th.  The twelfth will be the fifth anniversary of the earthquake.

We are gearing up for a great five months of ministry......stay tuned.